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Camp Careful all over town

Hi friends! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your families and a great start to 2019. Camp Careful has had a busy month, getting some press in the Greater Waco Chamber Business magazine recently and booking lots of events. Check out the Chamber article here: https://wacochamber.com/2019/01/a-waco-advocate-an-interview-with-dr-soo-battle/ On January 14th, I spoke at the … Read More

Cell Phone Safety Facebook Live with Elizabeth Oates 10/11/18

For those who missed it or aren’t on Facebook, here is the Facebook Live video talk from October 11, 2018 with Elizabeth Oates. We talk about online safety, cell phone safety, sexting, human trafficking, and so much more. Thanks for watching! https://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.m.oates/videos/10155803706482393/

Your Kid’s Addiction to His or Her “USB drive”

Well, we’re one month into the school year and the kids are busy memorizing hundreds of Spanish words, trying to figure out high school geometry at 10pm, and juggling sports/after school activities. Maybe your kid is working on a project or writing an English paper and using his USB drive to save his work. You … Read More

“Show Dogs” movie–THUMBS DOWN for me

School’s out for most of our kids this weekend and we’ll all be scrambling to find something for our kids to do when they start saying, “Mommmmm, I’m bored!!” I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to figure out how to entertain my kids who otherwise would be watching slime videos, playing Fortnite, or … Read More

It’s April!! Pinwheel season is upon us!

April is Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention Month and the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims & Children is asking you to help spread the message that all children deserve a happy, carefree childhood.  How can you help?? Great question! An easy & beautiful way to support is to donate $20 to the Advocacy Center and … Read More

Pinwheels for Prevention

April is Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Month. How can you help?? Great question! An easy & beautiful way to support is to donate $20 to the Advocacy Center and receive a pinwheel for your front yard. Inspire others to place a pinwheel in their yard through the month of April and speak out against child … Read More

New classes; The blame game

Hello! The next Camp Careful classes will be held on June 9th (Thursday) at First United Methodist Church in Waco.  The 3-6 year old class is at 2:15pm and the 7-14 year old class is at 3:00pm. There is another set of classes on June 13th (Monday) at 10:15am for the little kids and 11:00am for the big kids. … Read More

Bikini-clad girls and footprints; New classes

A quick blog today about the impact of social media on a child’s digital footprint. I was made aware today of a YouTube video made by some local high school kids (several whose parents I know). In the video, nothing bad or illegal happens. Just a bunch of high schoolers having a good time. But in … Read More

S-C-W-O: the mnemonic that could save your life

Today’s blog topic is brought to you by my monthly dinner group—a great group of smart, funny, loyal, dynamic, and successful moms I’m lucky to call friends. They didn’t know it at the time, but this group of girlfriends touched on a subject that I thought would be useful to all moms and dads. The … Read More