Parents Say

Mother smiling with her daughter“Thanks so much! It was great to hear a toddler/preK appropriate way to explain private zones both for my daughter and me as a parent!”

“I loved Camp Careful and learned some new ways of thinking and presenting information to my 3 girls. I am so thankful you present this information for children and their families!! Thank you!!!”

“Camp Careful was a great conversation starter. I don’t always know how to bring these topics up even though I know how important they are.”

“What a great seminar full of such important info for my kids! Definitely will make this an annual event!”

“One of the most valuable hours I have spent towards educating myself & my son on keeping him safe.”

“I really liked the matter of fact way you talked about it. It was based on facts, about things that had actually happened to kids. Liked that you related it to things/places our kids are involved in. Coaches/camps… Liked that my kids got to take the class with several friends. They can have each other’s backs at camp… Great reminders!!”

From a high school senior: “On behalf of the senior class, I would like to let you know how important your speech was for us. You really helped me personally understand more about this important topic.”

From a high school educator: “I have been at this a long time and can say without any reservations that your presentation was the most impactful talk ever given to the students at this school.  Thank you for your efforts and keep up the great work!”

From a high school principal: “In my 12 years, this presentation was one of the best. These students who are entrusted to us are better because of your insightful approach.”