New Camp Careful classes & Teen Conversation with Dr. Soo

Happy fall, Camp Careful friends!

There are new classes posted on my website and it’s time to register!  Sunday, October 28th, I’ve got a full set of classes.

2:00pm is the 3-6 year old class.

2:45pm is the 7-12 year old class.

The exciting news is the addition of the High School/Teen Conversation with Dr. Soo at 3:45pm. This is the class I taught a few weeks ago at Vanguard Prep School, but this one is open to the public! Give your teenager information that will help minimize their risk of abuse/assault, protect them from accusations, and inform them about pertinent laws they don’t know about. 13 year old middle schoolers/mature 8th graders who are already on social media and/or have lots of opposite sex friends should also attend this class.
Topics for this class include:
~what constitutes sexual abuse/assault–not just a “stranger danger” event, statistics (1 in 4 girls, 1 in 6 boys before they’re 18), when are they at risk, who are the perpetrators (someone you know, juveniles included)
~what to do if a friend discloses sexual abuse/assault
~rules/laws about sexting
~rules/laws about consent
~how to prevent situations that may put students at risk for assault/abuse/accusations–buddy system, no drugs/alcohol, social media safety, trusted friends/adults

As always, you must register/purchase a ticket to attend all Camp Careful classes. Click here to register.

Please forward this email to any friends who might be interested!

Thank you, and as always, empower your kids and stay safe!

Soo Battle, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Dr. Soo Battle

Dr. Soo Battle is a board-certified, licensed pediatrician who works at the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims & Children in Waco, Texas. She is the Children's Advocacy Center Medical Advisor and has been a trained child sexual abuse examiner since 2015.