Camp Careful

Mission: to reduce and prevent child sexual abuse through child empowerment, family education, and community awareness.

History of Camp Careful: Dr. Soo Battle started abuse prevention talks in 2008 by inviting a small group of 8-10 friends along with their toddler children to an informal gathering at the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims & Children. Dr. Kerry Burkley of the ACCVC spoke to the toddlers about Stranger Danger and keeping their “private parts” private.  In 2010, she organized another similar event, dubbing it “Camp Careful”, and urged her friends to forward the invitation to others. That year, 24 moms and 46 kids attended. The following year, 2011, the Penn State sexual abuse scandal made its way to the headlines. The need for education and awareness about child sexual abuse prompted Dr. Battle to plan two sessions to teach parents and children about the issue of child sexual abuse, how to look for signs of it, and how to protect their children from it. It was in 2011 that Dr. Battle began teaching the sessions herself, moving them outside of the Advocacy Center due to space limitations, and dividing the sessions into two age groups. With the use of social media in recent years, she found the name Camp Careful making its rounds across Facebook and the internet. She found that her two free classes quickly sold out and she continued to add classes to her schedule. From 2008-2021, over 10,000 parents and children have attended Camp Careful sessions through public classes or private speaking engagements.

Dr. Battle has presented to numerous schools and churches throughout Texas including Midway ISD, Waco ISD, Eanes ISD, Reicher Catholic School, Vanguard College Prep School, Eagle Christian Academy, Park Cities Presbyterian Church of Dallas, and numerous local church groups in the Waco area. She has presented at several Women’s Summits and youth leadership groups throughout Central Texas.