“Show Dogs” movie–THUMBS DOWN for me

School’s out for most of our kids this weekend and we’ll all be scrambling to find something for our kids to do when they start saying, “Mommmmm, I’m bored!!” I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to figure out how to entertain my kids who otherwise would be watching slime videos, playing Fortnite, or staying glued to their phones/iPads/PS4.

My one suggestion for parents is this: do NOT take your children to see the movie “Show Dogs”. Or if you do, be prepared to talk to your kids about private parts, child sexual abuse, and being in charge of their own bodies. Good grief, Dr. Soo!  What are you talking about?!?

The movie is a comedy based on an undercover police dog who enters a dog show to solve a kidnapping case. An underlying theme throughout the movie is the dog Max having to have his genitals touched/examined for “practice” in order to prepare for the final competition of the dog show (where his genitals are touched by the judge). Throughout the movie, Max the dog snaps at his owner every time he tries to touch his genitals, but he’s told to “try to find your zen place” or “happy place” and just deal with it. When the final competition happens and the judge touches his private parts, they show happy, flowery scenes to indicate Max has found his “zen place” in order to get through the difficult time.

WOW. How can a children’s movie use touching of the private parts as a comedic theme?  Why would you teach them to “Find your happy place” to just get through it?  Why would you teach them “Even if someone you love is touching your private part, don’t fight back? Just go with it.”?  Maybe I’m making too much of this. Some might say, “Dr. Soo. It’s just a movie. Lighten up.” Well, I know from experience at work that kids don’t know how to differentiate good & bad touches when the molester is telling them things like:

“It’s okay! It’s just our game.”

“It’s okay. I’m your favorite grandpa.”

“It’s okay. It will be our little secret.”

Don’t confuse your children. Don’t let them get these subliminal messages that teach them to ignore their gut feelings about good/bad touches. Read this kid review of the movie and one girl’s favorite part:  “Ella said her favorite part of the movie was when Max is taught to go to his “happy place.” In dog shows, judges have to do things that dogs do not like. But Max learns that if he goes to his happy place, it will take his mind off what the judge is doing.”  Whoa! Look what this child just learned!

Check out this Mom blog for more detailed information about the movie. This was forwarded to me by a friend and that’s what prompted me to send out this warning blog to my Camp Careful followers.

In all fairness, I will admit I haven’t seen the movie. I contemplated watching it first before posting this blog, but I don’t want to support it with my money!  I read enough articles online to confirm those scenes actually do happen in the movie. As for me, I’ll find my daughter other movies to see, things to do, friends to hang out with. Hope you do too. Have a safe summer, friends!

Thank you, and as always, empower your kids and stay safe!

Soo Battle, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Dr. Soo Battle

Dr. Soo Battle is a board-certified, licensed pediatrician who works at the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims & Children in Waco, Texas. She is the Children's Advocacy Center Medical Advisor and has been a trained child sexual abuse examiner since 2015.

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  1. Bone chilling! Thankful for your insight in this and letting us know!

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